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We are proud to share concrete examples of what we do. There are many more than just what is listed here! 


Grape Arbor

Joshua built and planted TWO grape arbors on the south corners of our lot. We are so excited to see them mature and provide our neighborhood with fresh grapes! 

Espalier Orchard

We thought hard about how to fit as much food as possible into our footprint. We decided an espalier apple orchard would be a worthwhile undertaking, even if it takes a few years to fully establish. We hope to raise up to 12 fruit-bearing trees for the community! Phase one is complete, so check back for more!

Berry Patch

Based on the success of the Weinland Park Berry Patch, we thought we might model our plot addition after their work. It has been a successful way to engage area youth and offer another pick-and-eat food item. So far, the kids LOVE it! 

Compost System

We currently have two separate compost systems. One is a locking, wildlife-proof, traditional compost bin. The other is a vermicompost bin. We hope both systems will provide sustainable nutrients for the entire plot for many years to come. 

Three Sisters Bed

With a lot of teamwork and a little luck, we planted a large Three Sisters bed in 2023, complete with a squash tunnel and stone path underneath for kids. It was very successful! All our food matured and was delicious! 

Wildlife Support

In addition to growing native plants for pollinator support, we also have a large natural log border (like an insect hotel, but better) to shelter other beneficial insects. Two community members came together to build and place our new Bat Box - which can house up to 400 bats! Nesting boxes are planned for spring birds, so check back!

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