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Lewis & Walker Community Garden (located in Livingston Park North) is committed to bettering our area through fresh food access, urban green space, and community engagement events. We utilize research-based design principles to benefit community and individual health, as well as to help build a more resilient local food system. 

About Us

Build a more resilient local food system. 

The mission:

Lewis and Walker Community Garden is a community-run, nonprofit garden space in Livingston Park North. We are committed to human-centered, equity-driven and systems-based approaches to meet our community’s needs. Because we are in a food-insecure area, our primary focus is on supporting local food access.

Through shared growing space, education, and regular access to fresh produce, we directly impact the resiliency of our local food system.


We also provide an interactive, multi-use, urban, green space, which has become a crucial feature of community engagement.

We are committed to utilizing research-based design principles, that benefit individual and community health, as we develop the garden. Through our systems-based approach, and with the continued support of our residents, Lewis and Walker Community Garden is dedicated to the tangible transformation of community health in Livingston Park North, for the better.

Our Impact in Numbers

The garden is watered using only our rain water catchment system and does not burden the municipal water supply. 

Rain Water 


We have both a traditional compost bin and a vermicompost bin, to make our own , organic compost and fertilizer. 

Independent Compost System


Everyone involved is a member of the community with an active investment in the growth and upkeep of our neighborhood. One year ago there was only one volunteer, so we feel our outreach has been successful. 



Living in the city often means that residents have extremely limited access to natural spaces. We find this unacceptable and actively work to regenerate the land in both the garden and the yards of residents who reach out! These efforts help in wildlife regeneration (which we are tracking) and residents can start their own vegetable gardens with the help of our resident Master Gardener Volunteer!

It's all about equitable access to nature and food sovereignty. Nature did its part. We need to do ours.

No stress, just plants.

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