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Queer Garden Group

In March, after some community feedback, we started a Queer Gardening/Farming group. There are limited options in the city for the Queer-specific community and allies to come together in a garden space, so we posted in some local forums and listed our meetings in the Master Gardener Volunteer program. Turns out, we are the first of our kind in Franklin county! As such, we are working on making our event more visible to the public, accessible to covid-conscious volunteers, and to network with other gardens around the city to build a larger Queer Gardening/Farming community locally. - It is also the first year the extension offices have started to organize their Queer Farming members nationally, so we are right at the start of something exciting! First Queer Group of the flagship county for extension education!

Come join us every other Thursday! Dates are listed in the events calendar and you are also welcome to email with questions!

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