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Dedicated to human-centered community growth.

Growing fresh produce and building urban green space in Livingston Park North. 

Interested in volunteering?

Serving the *whole* community

human-centered and equity-driven gardening for local fresh food access

Food production is our #1 priority at Lewis & Walker. We live in an area that experiences hunger and food insecurity. All produce is free to members of the community. 

Fresh Produce

Access to green space is a proven, significant contributor to both mental and physical health, as well as crucial to urban wildlife support. 

Urban Greenspace

We host gardening days,  neighborhood cleanups, community cookouts, and other community-oriented events!

Community Events

We offer S.T.E.A.M. and horticultural workshops and ongoing education (for all ages,) hosted by community members with expertise in each area!

Workshops & Edu.

Lewis & Walker is committed to demonstrating the vibrancy of our community members, area history, and what we can achieve together! Livingston Park North is proud to be an industrious, can-do community! 

We believe that Livingston Park North is an area rich in compassion and talent!

Expand Community Gardening  

In Livingston Park we hope to

Most of what we grow, was started at home by local community members. Until we have a greenhouse, we welcome your home-grown experiments! Food, flowers, anything you like. We will work it in! Our garden design will always include your personal touches. 

Experiments Encouraged!

For the past year, we have been growing succulent planters to sell for gifts! 100% of profits go to garden upkeep and supplies. Soon, we will be adding seeds, dried herbs, and other products!

Succulent Sale

Kids are the heart of any community - and we want to provide ours with fresh food, fun activities, and educational opportunities! We have several projects completed for youth enrichment and more are underway!

Youth Programming


We are on a mission to create a more resilient local food system without compromising on taste and quality.

Better gardens for a better planet.

All projects, crops, new beds, and events, are designed to be part of a fiscally and environmentally sustainable garden for many years to come. 

Systems-Based Design

Long-term viability for us includes a serious commitment to sustainable practices. From our new compost system to seed-saving, we believe that food sovreignity and sustainability are inseparable. 


We feel that a person-first approach is key to ensuring that we serve our *whole* community and meet the diverse needs of residents in Livingston Park North. 

Human-Centered Approach

We recognize that our area is disproportionately affected by a number of health issues, from asthma to high maternal mortality rates. We address health disparities head-on, by providing fresh produce, exercise, horticultural therapy, education, and environmental regeneration!


What Our Residents Say


"The Lewis and Walker Community garden is one of my favorite places in the neighborhood...

- Dom

I walk my dog through it daily. He sniffs for rabbits. I marvel at squash. I am learning a lot about what it takes to be a food-producing site. I am not a natural at gardening, but it has been rewarding to witness the art..."

"The Lewis and Walker Community Garden transforms empty space...

- Molly

into beautiful, fresh food, strangers into friends, and a neighborhood into a community... The garden has made me feel much more connected to my neighborhood..."

"The garden is an awesome place to put down the digital world..."

- Christopher J. Kovacs, Ph. D.

and play - and to meet with neighbors. Go Bucks!"

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